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Why Are Your Videos Not Delivering Results? The Importance of a Digital Media Strategy

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Hi there, I'm Christopher Pilon, and together with my brother Nick, I co-founded Digital Bros Creative Studios. But our journey into digital media didn't start here, far from it.

Rewind back to 2012, fresh out of Owosso High School, my brother and I embarked on a journey of freelance digital media creation. A passion that was ignited during our childhood, making creative videos and short films with nothing but a handheld camera and an endless imagination. It was during this time, we began to appreciate the power of storytelling through the lens and its potential to influence, educate, and connect people in ways unimaginable.

Fast forward to 2017, our passion had transformed into a profession, and we formed NOLIProductions. An enterprise focused solely on video production, the name was a creative spin on our surname, Pilon, flipped backwards and coupled with 'Productions'. The journey was thrilling, the learning curve steep. But as we delved deeper into the industry, we realized something crucial - we weren't just creating videos, we were building narratives, shaping perspectives, and influencing decisions.

However, by 2021, we found ourselves at a crossroads. We were working with businesses, crafting videos according to their specifications, but often these videos ended up being one-time projects, used inadequately, or sometimes misplaced entirely. It was disheartening to witness the content we poured our souls into end up underused or misused. This was a turning point for us.

We understood the need for a change. It was no longer about merely creating videos, it was about delivering value, and thus Digital Bros Creative Studios was born. With this new venture, we decided to shift from being mere video producers to digital media partners. We transitioned from a 'one and done' approach to a comprehensive, strategic, and more intimate partnership with our clients. But why this sudden shift?


The Importance of a Digital Media Strategy

At the heart of Digital Bros Creative Studios is the philosophy that any video content created shouldn’t just exist for its own sake. In the digital age, businesses need to be strategic with their video content. They should be creating videos with a clear purpose, targeting specific audiences, and tailored to the platforms where they will have the most impact. It’s no longer enough to create a one-size-fits-all "About Us" video and call it a day.

Throughout our time at NOLIProductions, we found that many businesses didn’t truly understand this concept. They would see a competitor's video, request something similar, and then get disappointed when it didn’t have the same results. This cycle was frustrating, not just for our clients but for us as well. We were creating content, but without the right strategy in place, it often fell flat.

So, we decided to change the narrative. Instead of just taking orders and creating videos, we chose to play a more active role in the strategizing process. We started consulting our clients on what type of video content would work best for their business, which audience to target, and most importantly, how to leverage different platforms effectively. And the results were night and day. This shows the Importance of a Digital Media Strategy.

We've found that when we help our clients develop a strong video strategy, their content performs better and delivers a much stronger return on investment. Businesses need to realize that every video is a piece of a larger puzzle. Each one should serve a specific purpose, whether that's raising brand awareness, driving sales, or engaging with the community. And that's precisely where our expertise comes in.


Different Forms of Media and Suitable Platforms

In the world of digital media, there's a myriad of forms and platforms to choose from. It's not just about creating a video; it's about creating the right video and putting it on the right platform.

  1. Explainer Videos: These are short, informative videos that explain your product or service in an engaging way. They're ideal for platforms like YouTube and your website's landing page, where visitors are actively looking for more information.

  2. Social Media Videos: Short, punchy, and visually appealing, these videos are designed to attract attention and quickly convey your message. Ideal platforms are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, where users are scrolling through content rapidly.

  3. Webinars and Live Streams: For platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live, longer, interactive videos work best. These videos can educate viewers about your products, industry trends, or even Q&A sessions, making them feel more engaged with your brand.

  4. Testimonials and Case Studies: Sharing your customer's positive experiences on platforms like your website or LinkedIn can build trust with potential customers.

  5. Product Demos: Detailed demonstrations of your products are best suited for your website or YouTube, where interested customers can take a deep dive into the specifics of what you offer.

Knowing the nature of your video and choosing the right platform is crucial for the success of your content. It ensures you're reaching the right people, in the right way, and at the right time. But it's not always easy to get it right. That's where many businesses falter. They create great content but place it in a setting where it simply doesn't shine.

At Digital Bros Creative Studios, we consider this platform-content fit as an integral part of our content creation strategy, guiding our clients towards the most suitable platforms for their video content. But we do more than just that. We strive to steer clear of common mistakes that could compromise the impact of their video marketing.


The Misuse of Video Content in Business Marketing

Having navigated the landscape of digital media for over a decade now, we’ve seen our fair share of businesses fumbling with their video marketing efforts. It's not just about creating a stellar video; it's also about understanding how, where, and when to use it.

A common mistake we've observed is businesses placing their videos on the wrong platforms. A professionally produced explainer video may seem wasted if it's simply uploaded on Instagram, where users typically look for short, catchy content. Similarly, posting a casual, off-the-cuff video on a platform like LinkedIn, which caters to a more professional audience, might not resonate well.

Moreover, businesses often have a misconception that a single video can cater to all their marketing needs. But, as mentioned earlier, different videos serve different purposes. An explainer video might help inform potential customers about your product, but it may not necessarily drive engagement the way a live stream or interactive webinar could.

Also, there's the issue of creating a video because it's what the industry seems to be doing. Just because your competitors have a certain type of video doesn't mean it's the right fit for your business. What works for one business may not work for another due to variations in target audiences, brand image, product offering, and so much more.

These are just some of the many pitfalls businesses can fall into when it comes to video marketing. Recognizing these, my brother and I felt the need to not just be video creators, but also guide our clients to avoid these traps. That's how we started to change our approach and embrace the 'Digital Bros Embrace'. More on this in the next section.


The "Digital Bros Embrace"

As our journey evolved, so did our approach to video content creation. We recognized that in order to truly deliver value, we needed to embrace a more holistic, strategic, and client-oriented method – what we now call the 'Digital Bros Embrace'.

At the core of the 'Digital Bros Embrace' is partnership. We don't just want to be vendors to our clients; we aspire to be their 'digital media brothers'. This means we go beyond merely executing a brief; we're involved from concept to implementation and beyond.

With this approach, we work intimately with our clients, immersing ourselves in their brand, their goals, and their vision. We sit down with them, understand what they hope to achieve, and identify the best digital media strategy that would help them attain these goals.

This involves advising them on the right type of content for their brand, aligning the content with their target audience, and recommending the best platforms to showcase these videos. We're not just creating content; we're crafting a narrative for their brand, a narrative that speaks directly to their audience and resonates with them.

This approach has brought about a significant change in how our content is received. When we help our clients be strategic with their video content, it resonates better with their audience, and they see a much better return on investment.

The 'Digital Bros Embrace' is not just about delivering a product; it's about providing a service that helps businesses communicate better, engage more effectively, and ultimately succeed in their goals. This intimate partnership model is what sets us apart and what makes Digital Bros Creative Studios a different kind of digital media company.

In the next and final section, I will wrap up by reinforcing the need for strategic, platform-appropriate video content and the value that we, at Digital Bros Creative Studios, offer.



In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, businesses can no longer afford to take a 'one and done' approach to video content. It's not about creating a video for the sake of having one. It's about understanding the unique needs of your business, creating strategic video content that aligns with these needs, and leveraging the right platforms to deliver this content effectively.

This shift in approach from being just video creators to strategic digital media partners is what defines Digital Bros Creative Studios. Our journey from freelance digital media creators to the co-founders of a comprehensive digital media company has been driven by our pursuit to provide more than just a product. We strive to deliver a service that brings value to our clients and contributes to their success.

The 'Digital Bros Embrace' is our commitment to this cause. We treat our clients as our 'digital media brothers'. We become a part of their journey, guiding them through the complex maze of digital media and helping them make the best use of video content.

In doing so, we've found that our content not only resonates better with audiences but also leads to a significantly higher return on investment for our clients. It's about making the right choices for each unique scenario - the right type of video, the right platform, and the right strategy.

If you're looking to navigate the digital media landscape effectively, if you're looking to tell your brand's story in a way that resonates, if you're looking to see real value from your video content - then consider the 'Digital Bros Embrace'. At Digital Bros Creative Studios, we're not just your vendors; we're your partners, your digital media 'brothers'.

Together, let's change the way video content is seen and used in business. Let's make it more strategic, more targeted, more effective. Because in the end, that's what video content should be - a tool to communicate, engage, and succeed. And we're here to ensure that it does just that.

We hope this article has been helpful and if so, please feel free to share it with someone you feel could benefit from it. Thanks for reading, now go make some amazing content!

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