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Florida Driver to Alaskan Musher

The story of Florida Driver Lacy Kuehl and her drive to bring "Drive for Diabetes Awareness" to the Jr. Iditarod in Alaska. Watch as she prepares for and races in what will be her most challenging endeavor yet!

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Behind The Scenes

Filming this project was a unique and challenging experience. The harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness made it difficult to capture the stunning landscapes and action shots they were aiming for.

The team had to contend with freezing temperatures, strong winds, and deep snow, all while carrying heavy camera equipment and navigating through unfamiliar terrain. They also had to be prepared for unexpected challenges, such as weather changes and equipment malfunctions.


Despite these challenges, the Digital Bros Creative Studios team was able to capture stunning footage that truly captures the beauty and spirit of Alaska. Through their expert cinematography and storytelling, they have created a visual journey that takes viewers on an immersive and unforgettable adventure into one of the most rugged and awe-inspiring landscapes on Earth.