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Three cousins with a passion for creative marketing, advertising, and digital media. Digital Bros Studios is a small family-owned Digital Marketing & Content Production company that focuses on what matters most in the marketing world... The Brand. We understand the importance of producing content that is creative, unique and cohesive. So instead of offering packages and single pieces of content, we want to offer a sort of partnership. We learn, strategize and implement a customized content strategy that will work for you. No third parties, middle-men, or templates. Everything we create for you will be unique and centered around your brand.


You feel that? That's the "Digital Bros Embrace". It's the feeling that your digital marketing is in good hands. That you can release the burden of creating the right content for the right platform for the right audience. Don't hire one person who will burn out, hire the Digital Bros for worry free marketing.

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Meet The Team


Chris P.

Co-Owner & Creative Producer

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Brandon K.

Co-Owner & Client Relations Specialist

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Nick P.

Co-Owner & Creative Director

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Video Production

Every video project deserves the same industry standard process as a Hollywood film. We offer the full production process with a hand picked team of experts. Most large production companies aren't able to offer consistent service. The Pilon Brothers work with clients directly every time. Elevate your videos today with the Digital Bros.


Video Production Services

Every video project deserves the same industry standard process a Hollywood film gets. The Digital Bros are committed to quality and unique content no matter what platform your video is meant for.

TV Commercial Ads

Social Media Content

Social Media Ads

Digital Media Ads


Live Production Services

The world is turning to digital media for their meetings, events and more. We can do multi-camera live productions in 4k.

Live Event Production

Live Pre-Recorded Production

Post Event Highlights

Pre Event Promotions


Audio Production Services

Audio is a growing medium and there are many new platforms like Spotify. Our team is capable of producing a wide range of audio content to get you started.

Podcast Production

Radio & Podcast Ads

Audio Editing

3 Simple Steps


First, we meet with you and learn about your company, brand, and ideas. This allows us to better consult with you on your project and make the next steps smoother.


After learning about your brand and project ideas, we will develop a custom strategy and a content plan (audio, video, graphics). 


Lastly, we execute the strategy and start creating. Our team will start the beginning stages of production and design. We want a successful product as much as you do. This is why we are there for you from start to finish.

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Our Partnership With
Drive For Diabetes Awareness

Family is our #1 priority at Digital Bros Studios. We love to give back and work with organizations who's values line up with our own. This is why we are proud to be partners and ambassadors for Drive For Diabetes Awareness (DFDA). Our goal is to use digital storytelling to bring their message to digital platforms. Visit DFDA.info to learn more about how the Kuehl Family is doing their part to spread awareness and save lives.

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Serving Mid-Michigan & Southern California

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